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Helios Tower 75 Tam Trinh Hoang Mai - Ha Noi - Viet Nam

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Helios Tower 75 Tam Trinh Hoang Mai - Ha Noi - Viet Nam

Mila Zetu

I am a millennial! And am super proud that I was never born a minute earlier. What does this even mean? Welcome to my first blog for MILA ZETU.
When researching for the MILA ZETU show I was shocked at what our parents had to put up with for the sake of not upsetting the “wazee” or putting it more contextually to be “culturally correct”
I grew up in the politically correct space! And oh my how I hate that term. “Sipangwigwi” won my heart because of the above! Now you catch my drift.
Why on earth should a millennial like me even bother about a culture that I rarely even remember leave the alone practice? Why on earth would I even bother? To be honest, I do not have an answer to this question, but I am still on an unquenchable quest to find out what on earth were our parents and their parents thinking!
Imagine the Ethiopian virgin who has to prove her virginity on her wedding night! Seriously? How on earth does this even make any cultural sense? That’s why I am here researching like mad some of the mind-boggling cultures that were a must-do in our mother Africa. TBH prepare to be shocked by some of the stuff in our culture. And why on earth is removing 6 of my teeth even a thing? I love my hubby from the lake! A lot! but hey ho sweetie without their teeth, I am off!
So here is me taking you on a journey that will make you sweat! With fear and pleasure in equal measure!
So good news for us millennials who are hooked on social media against our parents’ constant nagging! You really don’t want to live their lives!
Look out for the show
Love lots xxx

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