Reality Drama, Te Amo and Mila Zetu.

© 2022 Airi All rights reserved

Reality Drama, Te Amo and Mila Zetu.

© 2022 Airi All rights reserved

(Love beyond boundaries)

This show will unravel our deepest secrets and our fears while teaching us to embrace our differences.

Join me in this journey as we discover new frontier and redefine sexuality.

Expect to be shocked, intrigued, persuaded and educated.



TE AMO brings to the forefront relationships that are unique, sensitive and mind boggling. 

Love should not have any shackles. Our show TE AMO aims to unshackle love.

Love has no gender, colour, ethnicity, tribe, state or country.

Love conquers all.

Our Mission

We touch the untouchables and shake the unshakable by igniting dialogue.

Our guests hold nothing back.


TE AMO is a non judgemental platform that gives people a chance to be understood, heard, guided and counselled. 


We all deserve to be loved and fall in love even in our differences.

This is what love without boundaries really means.

The show targets traditionally marginalised groups like the little known Intersex and also explores issues within LGBTQ community in Africa.


  • To capture true essence of recognising individuality and love without traditional societal prejudices.
  • The central theme is to educate society, create awareness, boost self esteem and encourage self acceptance.
  • TE AMO will redefine sexuality like never before.
  • TE AMO is our sexuality eye opener.

Bannet Tamara

Join me as we re calibrate our traditional beliefs on sexuality and individuality.

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